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Warranty Services
1. The company’s products obey to the implementation of national regulations of three Guarantees, to provides free repair for products comply with the conditions of the product warranty, and replacement and return service (limited to products buy in mainland of China). In addition to insurance, postal, transport costs, warranty service free of charge.
2. Warranty service confirmed by the warranty card , the serial number on the warranty card must be consistent with the vehicle body serial number, warranty date start from the date of purchase and product activation recorded on the invoice, whichever is relatively early. If you can not show proof of warranty start date, chosse the date of manufacture as a warranty start date, calculate whether the product is still under warranty period.
3. In 7 days from date of sale, the user can select repair, replacement or return once equipment performance issues upon confirmation.
4. From the date of sale within 15 days, the user can select repair, replacement once equipment performance issues upon confirmation.
5. The date of sale within the warranty period , equipment performance problems arise, once confirmed, the company promised free repair.
6. After replacement, re-calculate the product warranty. In the back of the invoice stamped, indicating the replacement date, and to provide new warranty card.
7. The various components of the vehicle warranty period as follows:

Components Period Service solution
Controllers, Steering wheel 1 year Return
Handel, padel, boady, battery 6 month Resend
Monther board, remote set, tire 6 month Resend
Shell & Bag 1 month ResendShowing 1 to 4 of 4 entries
8. The following does not belong to the scope of free maintenance in warranty period, please note:
1)Vehicle records accumulated mileage has more than 2000km;
2)Failure to use instructions require to installation or use that any damage caused;
3) The serial number has been deleted or changed;
4)Product warranty card serial number or bar code does not match the model with the product itself;
5)Personnel disassembly or maintenance that not through official authorized ;
6)Does not affect product features natural wear and tear (including housing, handles, gear box, tire wear, etc.);
7)Unexpected factors result in product damage or improper use, such as mechanical damage, break, bump, severe oxidation products and so on;
8)Overload, riding over obstacles (including down the stairs, falling, etc.), and other damage caused by extreme sports;
9)The customer sent back to repair damage on the way due to the dismantling, transportation, loading and unloading caused;
10)Fire, liquid soaking, freezing, earthquake damage and any other non-normal storage conditions or force majeure;
11)Loss of packaging materials and various kinds of technical information and other vulnerable annexes;
12)Other non-product itself design, technology, manufacturing, quality and other problems caused by the failure or damage.

9. Beyond the warranty period defective product, we provide a paid service.

Product repair services policy
1. The user can contact the local distributor to assist the deal with.More specific service policies and procedures can be found in offical website.
2. Receipt of defective product feedback in 3 working days, the company reported to the user products Failure analysis, fault liability, maintenance costs and the expected completion time;
3. The user of the cause of the fault, the fault liability, maintenance costs and repair completion time and other matters without objection, we began to repair the product;
4. For the maintenance of the finished product, warranty or repair is completed within three months, still enjoy the warranty service.

Limited warranty liability
Windgoo offer products warranty or parts, accessories warranty obligations and responsibilities are limited to free repair or replacement of defective parts during the warranty period. Windgoo does not assume (nor authorizes any person to assume) any other obligation or liability. Including time delay, property lost or other damage is not limited to product maintenance period aused. This limited warranty is the only suitable Windgoo balance vehicle warranty and service parts and accessories. Windgoo does not endorse any other guarantee beyond this limited warranty, or implied. Other commitments warranty by a third direction, we will not take any responsibility. The regulations take effect from the date of publication.


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